Current Job Openings

    We are always interested in talented local developers seeking opportunities. Additionally, we're hiring for the following positions:

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Animation Generalist

  • If interested, send a resume and portfolio to

    Senior Software Engineer

    Nerve Software is in search of an experienced Senior Software Engineer to join us full-time at our Dallas studio. As a member of our engineering team your job is to solve problems across many technical disciplines. You'll manage your work with minimal oversight while working in a tight-knit collaborative environment. Engineers with specializations are encouraged to apply, but the ideal candidate will have the ability to adapt their skill set to meet challenges across a range of platforms and engines.

    Skills and Requirements

    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or proven equivalent experience
    • 5+ years in game development programming
    • Experience with Modern game engines (Unreal, Unity, etc.)
    • Experience with console and mobile platforms (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android)
    • Very strong software architecture and engineering skills
    • Very strong C++ design and coding experience
    • Excellent data structure and algorithm knowledge
    • Experience with STL and boost, other C++ libraries
    • Experience with profiling, optimization, and debugging
    • Broad knowledge of platform APIs
    • Experience with modern rendering pipelines
    • Experience with network and first-party online features
    • Well versed in software engineering principles
    • Self motivated with ability to collaborate and articulately communicate with other team members.

    Bonus Skills

    • Knowledge of low level and/or assembly instruction sets
    • Experience with working with outside developers/studios
    • Experience with other widely used programming languages for game development (C#, ObjC, python, JSON etc.)
    • Experience using first and third party tools (Razor, PIX, NVN debugger)
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    Animation Generalist

    Nerve software is seeking an experienced Animator familiar with all aspects of the animation pipeline. As a generalist your job will be to take on animation related tasks from top to bottom, including rigging, skinning, animating, and engine implementation in a variety of styles. Special consideration will be made for those with interest in related disciplines such as vfx creation, 3D modelling, or tools scripting.

    Skills and Requirements

    • 2+ years of animation experience in game development
    • Competent in rigging and skinning 3D assets
    • Skilled in animating organic and non-organic forms
    • Eye for visual storytelling through movement in a range of styles
    • Proficient in Maya, Max, or equivalent
    • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 including the Skeletal Mesh Animation System and Sequencer
    • Self motivated with ability to collaborate and articulately communicate with other team members.
    • Comfortable working with minimal direction

    Bonus Skills

    • Experience with VFX editors and particle systems
    • Experience with 3D prop and material creation
    • Experience with Python, MEL, Maxscript, or equivalent scripting language
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